Daily Archives: October 5, 2020

Our Residents

We have many thousands more residents living in our district than we have parents of current students, yet every vote matters just the same. I hear far too many times when speaking with residents  that, “My kids have graduated, so I don’t pay much attention to the school board,” or “I don’t have kids yet, so I am not involved.”  

We can do better than this!. First, if you are retired or working, whether you are in an apartment, your dream home, or a retirement abode, you pay taxes. I firmly believe that if you pay, you need to have your say.  

The decisions being made today will affect your grandkids or future children. Do you want to live in a district that delivers a strong educational curriculum to all students and expects nothing less than excellence from early childhood education all the way through high school and adult learning? Or do you want a district who misses the mark and plays the blame game for who is at fault? I prefer excellence, and I know you do too. 

I’ve learned through the years that the residents of this district have many skills and resources that  could be used to support our students. Retired? Come out and volunteer at a school during the day. And if your local school receives plenty of parental support, find a school in the district that needs assistance and contact their volunteer coordinator. They’d be so grateful, and you’d be surprised at how much you get back from the experience!. Engineering skills? Come out to support our popular Robotics programs at our three comprehensive high schools.  Business skills? Volunteer at the high schools during mock Interviews.  

There are plenty of opportunities to be involved, and we need the support of everyone to be successful. You are not just a resident, you are a member of the ISD 279 family!