About Mike Ostaffe

Mike Ostaffe is a hard-working husband and father of three who is willing to serve the residents of Osseo ISD 279 as a School Board Director.  The District serves over 22,000 students, employees 3000+ licensed and other staff, and spemike-headshot-rawnds close to $300,000,000 every year.

  • District resident for over 10 years. Married for 22 years. Three children in 10th grade in a District 279 High School.
  • Engineer, MBA, and leader in companies from technology start-ups to Fortune 500.
  • I understand that Parents have many choices for their childrens’ education, and want to ensure that ISD 279 provides a high level of educational opportunity for all District residents.
  • I have been an elementary math tutor, am a member of the MGSH site council, and a member of the Osseo School District FISCAL committee (selected by board members and the Administration to serve in this role).

I want to use my backgrounds and skills to address several key issues and concerns.

  • I have a strong desire to see all students achieve to the best of their abilities in all aspects of their K-12 education.  Every child, in every school.  No exceptions.
  • I will focus supporting and funding programs that provide a safe, challenging, and welcoming learning environment for all students.
  • The parents of over 5,000 children who live in the District have chosen to educate them outside of Osseo schools. We need to listen to their needs, develop new programs, and get them back.
  • I understand that every tax dollar taken from district residents has to be earned through good financial and strategic planning, rational decision making,and measurable and proven outcomes. Taxpayer money has to be spent wisely on educational and administrative programs that promote achievement for all students and support a professional and rewarding working environment for all of our teachers and educational staff.
  • Too much testing, and the focus on testing results, is detrimental to our students and our teachers. Education must be driven from the local level, not by dictates from St. Paul or Washington D.C. Our children are the future of our communities, and as parents and residents we must ensure that our tax dollars are spent on educating them, not indoctrinating them.  Common Core and other top down teaching mandates that are driven by testing and publishing companies must be controlled or eliminated.
  • Parental involvement in a child’s education is one of the largest predictors of future success. We must create and support programs and opportunities for all families to actively participate in their childrens’ education.
  • I support local schools that are easily accessible to parents and which allow communities to build strong social bonds in their neighborhoods.
  • Schools must prepare and support students for all possible post-secondary educational pursuits, including technical training and job and trade skills outside of the college track.
  • Read more about the issues here.

Volunteerism, Education, and Achievement

  • Member District 279 FISCAL Committee
  • Member MGHS Site Council
  • Elementary Classroom Math Tutor
  • Coached Osseo-Maple Grove Baseball and Basketball
  • Former Board Member, Children’s Advocacy Center
  • Entrepreneur
  • Techstars Next Mentor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • MBA (Finance, Marketing, Strategy)
  • Director, Vice President, President, COO roles in organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500.