I am proud to receive the support of these and many other community leaders.  I will continue to work hard to develop and improve our relationships with our cities and other community organizations.

Maple Grove Mayor Mark Steffenson
“I am pleased to support Mike Ostaffe for his re-election to the Osseo School Board. As a Board Member and Board Chair he has been visible at all of the schools and school events in order to listen to our parents and residents. He has reached out to other elected officials and city staff to ensure that the district continues to partner well with the city of Maple Grove on projects such as Fernbrook Fields and to maintain a good working relationship with the city and it’s residents”

Brooklyn Park Mayor Jeff Lunde
“I support Mike Ostaffe for re-election to the Osseo School Board. As Board Member and Board Chair Mike has worked hard to ensure that all communities are heard and represented. He has attended and spoken at Brooklyn Park Board Meetings, and was absolutely instrumental in working with council members and staff to bring the PCSH Sports Dome to fruition. Mike attends numerous school events across the city and uses that time to speak with our residents to better understand their needs and concerns regarding their childrens’ education. ”

Osseo Councilman Mark Schultz
LETTER: Mike Ostaffe is a proven leader | Free
“In my role as on the Osseo City Council for the past 11 years – the cities relationship with the district has never been stronger and more collaborative as when we worked with Mike”

Corcoran Councilman Jon Bottema
“I chose to send my kids to Osseo Area Schools. I appreciate the effort Mike has made to reach out to the community and elected officials in order to build strong bonds that support our students. Please vote to re-elect Mike Ostaffe to the District 279 school board.”

Plymouth Councilman Jim Prom
“Mike works hard to build community relationships in order to support the students of Osseo Area Schools. He has attended many city and school events in order to speak with our students and parents.  I support Mikes’ bid for re-election to the school board.”

Dayton Councilman Dennis Fisher
“I have known Mike for several years. He has worked hard to ensure that all students across the district have access to improved educational and sports facilities, has attended several events in Dayton to listen to our residents, and has spoken to the Dayton City Council to keep us informed.”

ISD 279 School Board Vice Chair Tanya Simons
LETTER: Support Ostaffe for Osseo Board | Free “I believe Chair Ostaffe’s professional and personal commitment to our district and community is an irreplaceable asset. Please join me in voting for Mike Ostaffe for the Osseo School Board.”